When we graduate – we wear CAPES!

So that was it….Varsity graduated … with Superhero stuff … and that’s all there is to say about that.
Not on our page! The true representation of our Varsity Graduation was so much more! We don’t believe a child slaps on a cap and a cape to say ‘ There ye go, you did it, on to the next’ no, not us.
Our theme was ‘ Be Your Own Hero’. Did we wear capes, oh yes we wore CAPES indeed, but what they symbolised was incredibly different, respectfully, from the PhD, Masters or Degree recipient represents; it was that of a Superhero.

As a wise man once said
“With great power comes great responsibility”.

Their great power is that of their own. Their unique and special skills that only they possess, because there is no one else like them!
These kids should be marvelled for what they symbolise; a generation of representatives, thinkers, the dreamers, social contributors, the artists, the constructors and the leaders of things we know not of right now.

The future is in their hands – their future, and they have just worked out the foundations of working independently, as a team and as a family to build on their character and discover their skills and abilities to change the world.

To embrace who they are and what they can do, what they want to learn, experience and feel for themselves.

The connection with others, building relationships, solving problems and working out issues.

Learning to deal with their emotions, other’s emotions, empathise and express through THEIR voices.

Learning about the people around them – friends, family, helpers – our team! new skills, old skills, new experiences to build on – this could be very long…. BUT, the bottom line – it was about them.

This wasn’t just a graduation to mark the end of something, this is a celebration of what is to come.

Our Heroes #LetsChangeTheFuture