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When it comes to Preschool programmes we firmly believe that children should remain in a play based curriculum until they are at least 5yrs old before moving into an adult led facility.

What makes us feel this way?

That would be because we created a play environment to stimulate senses entirely based on children’s ideas and continuous year on year environmental reflection on the children using the facilities.

We implemented a programme for children to ask questions, share their thoughts, ideas and challenge their thinking and creativity in a safe supporting environment.

We recruited people who shared the same principles and values surrounding what a childcare provision should offer – child centred practices.

We believe there are superior learning and motivation arising from play, as opposed to instructional, approaches to learning in children (Adult Led).

We believe that pretence play supports children’s early development of symbolic representational skills, including those of literacy, are more powerful than direct instruction.

We have seen greater academic, motivational and well-being outcomes for children who had attended child-initiated, play based preschool programmes. These have outweighed early enrolments into adult led facilities.

We believe that a child led preschool provides physical, constructional and social play support to children in developing their skills of intellectual and emotional self-regulation, skills which have been shown to be crucial in early learning and development.

Venture Time

Small Group Time Off – Site: One group of Children will head off on the bus with their list of ingredients for snack this is also when they get the opportunity to see where food comes from, speak to butchers, groceries and bakers right in our local community.
Small Group Time On-Site: Whilst one group heads off on their venture the other group will participate in an onsite venture! This includes: maintaining the garden, yoga class, mindfulness class or a musical workshop. This will rotate between the groups throughout the week.
Large Group Time: Other trips will include: farms, homes, the theatre, post office, library, parks, forests, galleries, bakeries, fish markets, butchers, Etc. Children get to see the life in the town, become familiar with the tasks that are involved with family life – messages that need to be done, roles within the community and how important it is to daily living that this occurs in their town.

The Workshop

The Atelierista– A muse if you will – is required to support the children’s interest and ideas from reflecting on what they did or seen today and help them become inspired but what they have experienced. This then becomes an activity for the children to carry it out in a relaxed pace and blossom the play how they wish. Either together as a small group or individually.

Plan, Do, Review!

This room is divided by furniture that sections off different areas for different activities but still creating the open plan feel throughout. Bringing each area together inspired by Highscope and Reggio Emilia Curriculum. Each brings a story of journeys of the children’s ventures and discoveries that enlighten each and every interest area. These areas change and develop every year in line with the children attending, Leaving their very own imprint on the play environment.  The Team carry out their daily routine of components; large group activities developed from the children’s interests or development observations and projects for children inspired events such as science fairs, summer carnival, prop making, etc.

The Forest

The perfect little haven for the children’s social gathering, investigation and all round connections with nature in an urban setting!

The Patch & Field

The patch offers plentiful space for small group activities which is adjacent to the building. But when it calls for the wide open spaces we’ve got that too. The Field is complete with well maintained grass area surrounded by trees with the inclusion of a marquee for those glorious summer days!