Varsity Playbook

Registration packs are flying out!

It is amazingly heart-warming to see so many people  believe as strongly about children’s emotional and mental health as we do <3

Believe us, we understand that its a big chance to take to  ‘break from the norm’ (We did it 10 years ago!) and to choose an alternative education over an adult led programmes – and hey, that’s ok, you have your reason as do we.

Our programme is tailored to meet the needs that we believe are the sole focus of child centred education. So if you think we will be honing in on the adult led, academic scales or star charts, that’s just not for us.

We embrace the foundations of learning as the way forward. Their individuality, interests, their methods of learning, their mental wellbeing, their coping strategies, their journey of self discovery – why would we ignore that?

All you need to do is ask yourself  ‘What would my child choose?’

If the answer is transitional shifts throughout the day, different routines daily, moving between different methods/ curriculums/ settings, uniforms stickers, reward charts, etc… then choose the non-compulsory pre-school education …

If it’s not…you know how to reach us 😉

Let’s Change the Future