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The Hangout

As parents, we understand how some children don’t mind having a ‘babysitter’ and at times it can be quite appealing to them or to even get a day away, but it may not be so easy to negotiate this with older children…..until now!

After much research from children who were delighted to share their ideas and the use of their creative skills, we have made certain that The Hangout has achieved above and beyond expectations of fun learning and play opportunities through the Highscope Curriculum.

To retain our Highscope implementation, the Hangout’s activity schedule is run by the Kids Committee who devises activities with the assistance and support of the team.

All children have the opportunity to be actively involved in the kids Committee to share and evolve their ideas and suggestions, whether individually, small groups or large the children are heard and eagerly support others through participation.

We have created an environment to suit children aged 4yrs to 13yrs with different areas that have been designed by the children for the children.

Ann Droid’s Astro Cafe

Our space age Diner would even make George Jetson proud!!

We have designed the ultimate diner with the addition of a surround sound cinema theatre.

The perfect restaurant environment for children – THEIR Restaurant! – Where they dine in style and participate in cooking activities, make pizzas, milkshakes, smoothies and cookies with the occasional film fest. This room has definitely got the wow factor!


Perfect for study time, private work time, or just to chill out in a space of tranquility. Complete with a listening station for music, books and comfy furniture everything you need to sooth those school blues away.

The Hangar

This room is divided by furniture that sections off different areas for different activities but still creating the open plan feel throughout. Bringing each area together through the Highscope Curriculum and outlined with street signs ensuring each are is clearly distinguished. The Team carry out their daily routine of components; large group activities developed from the children’s interests or development observations and projects for events such as science fairs, summer carnival, prop making, etc.


The perfect little haven for the children’s social gathering, provided with seated areas for groups needing those less active moments.

The Patch & Field

The patch offers plentiful space for small group activities which is adjacent to the building. But when it calls for the wide open spaces we’ve got that too. The Field is complete with well maintained grass area surrounded by trees with the inclusion of a marquee for those glorious summer days!