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Varsity is a bespoke programme tailored for a municipal approach through an Emergent Curriculum.

This draws in each and every child’s perception and interests allowing the topics to evolve and flow allowing in depth learning and growth. We support their attention to detail and slow down the pace to ensure they get the opportunity to enjoy every inch of what they have discovered.

Topics are covered through small groups, large groups, Venture Times and individual play. Their day consists of a routine and structure designed around each group so this will change year on year based on the attending children.

Why did we do this?

What are the benefits for Children:

They are fully aware of their schedules
They create healthier habits: attention, focus, life styles
They are actively involved with planning their day instead of ‘the have to do’s’
It expands bonding time
Reduces anxieties, upsets, tantrums
Their abilities to plan and problem solve increases
The attention to detail in development and interests are not over looked
They feel valued
They develop self praise and confidence about who they are and what they expect of themselves.

Benefits to families:

Better home routine
Reduced mixing up of communication between different settings
Reduced costs – we can send this if you need to compare
Increased 1-1 meetings and designated times with the Varsity Team
Knowing that your child will be able to express themselves, confidently and with a greater understanding of what they are expressing develops a stronger bond.
Parents, children and the Team will learn and grow together.

Like all Curriculums it is imperative to attend regularly so we made it a little easier on the childcare purse strings.
Everything with our sessions is included: pull ups, meals, trips, events – the lot and we don’t charge for closures!

The following sessions available for Juniors Varsity are: Mon -Fri
8am – 2pm = £110 per week (Parent’s pick up time is between 2pm – 2:30pm – this is free too)
8am – 6pm = £175.00 per week.

You can choose between full days and the Varsity sessions within the week – but to be in Varsity as we said to have full benefit of the Programme attendance is important.
Your child does not need to be potty trained to enrol- we will work with you. If you feel your child still needs a comforter – we will work with you.
If your child has particular areas that require additional support – we will work with you.

Are you in?

Let’s Change the Future… Contact us now for an information on how to enrol for 2020!