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Infants & Toddlers

With the world at their feet, babies from the age of 8 months to 12months attend our Infant group before moving to Toddlers (12 -24 months). With the familiarity of Staff; children make a very comfortable transition between these groups and are slowly introduced to the environment to ensure a relationship of trust and friendship has established between the children and staff.

Together the Infants & Toddlers Team ensures a harmonious environment filled with explorative opportunities for the babies to discover and build on the skills and abilities.

With great care and attention provided the children attending feel the calm and gentle reassurance of a wonderful team.

Mini j’s 2-3 yrs

By implementing the Highscope Curriculum, our Mini j’s have great ease making a comfortable transition from room to room. Each day offers a new and exciting experience, by maintaining a familiar routine and friendly faces around the children are actively involved in each other’s progression, development and accomplishments.


  • Group Time / Circle Time / Music & Movement
  • Choice Time
  • Group Time-Materials
  • Adult Planning Time (Sleep Time)
  • Choice Time
  • Group Time – Physical Materials
  • Transition times (variable)
  • Eating and rest times (variable)

This is achieved by implementing the children’s ideas into play opportunities and recognising their efforts endlessly. By promoting such positivity, actively encourages confidence and self esteem for any child to recognise their skills, abilities and to triumph over challenges!



Juniors’ P.S. 3-4 yrs

With every effort, our Preschool Staff apply astounding activities from the most creative of minds! By ensuring that each activity is packed with wonderment and knowledge that would twig any child’s curiosity, evident results are achieved daily through strong team work and communication. In Preschool, the Area Leader is responsible for maintaining the HighScope approach. This includes the following:

  •  Interest areas have names children can understand.
  •  Materials are labelled with tracings, pictures, photographs, actual objects, or words.
  •  All materials are accessible to children.
  •  Most of the materials are open-ended.
  •  Many “real” items are available in place of toy replicas.
  •  Children’s artwork, photos of block structures and/or samples of emergent writing is displayed on the walls.


  • Planning
  • Work time
  • Recall
  • Small group
  • Large group
  • Outside
  • Transitions (arrival & departures variable)
  • Eating & Rest times (Variable)
  • Adult planning time