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Toddlers: 1yr – 2yrs

With the world at their feet, babies from the age of 10 months begin their settling in dates. We take this as slowly and comfortably as we can to ensure the family are ready to make to move into regular attendance.

With the familiarity of Staff; children are slowly introduced to the environment to ensure a relationship of trust and friendship has established between the children and staff.

The Toddlers Team ensures a harmonious environment filled with explorative opportunities for the babies to discover and build on the skills and abilities.

With great care and attention provided the children attending feel the calm and gentle reassurance of a wonderful team.

This is achieved by implementing the children’s ideas into play opportunities and recognising their efforts endlessly. By promoting such positivity, actively encourages confidence and self esteem for any child to recognise their skills, abilities and to triumph over challenges!


  • Group Time / Circle Time / Music & Movement
  • Choice Time
  • Group Time-Materials
  • Adult Planning Time (Sleep Time)
  • Choice Time
  • Group Time – Physical Materials
  • Transition times (variable)
  • Eating and rest times (variable)


Urban Forest: 2yrs – 3yrs

So what is this brand NEW Programme that we’ve designed? Well our lucky mucky little ducks are in for a world of forestry adventure and discoveries! Our Urban forest is a tailored environment based on the cultures of the attending children in order to encourage resilience building, individual learning, self reflection, earth connections within an
urban setting in a nature inspired environment.

Our Team follow an emergent curriculum which focuses on children’s curiosity leading them to interest areas
(inspired by the children’s interests and next stage challenges)
providing the freedom of movement, choice and investigation.

The children are able to move freely between activities and therefore choose which most inspires them and captivates them.

By combining this with natural resources allows a child’s imagination to unfold through investigation and discovery, problem solving and creativity, team work and independence all in an urban and rural inspired environment.

It is educational whilst also allowing children to play,
explore and discover.  Children who participate in
Forestry play are generally observed to be happier.
The fresh air, the excitement, getting muddy – Who doesn’t love a bit of mud!


  • Greeting Time
  • Preparation for the Outdoors
  • Children’s Choice
  • Planning
  • Work Time
  • Large Group Time
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Transitions (Departures variable)
  • Eating & Rest times (Variable)
  • Forest Caring
  • Adult planning time