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We are delighted to be launching our new 2 – 3 year old programme this October. We have been digging, planting and building our beautiful little forest fit for any Forest Royal!

Juniors Urban Forest has been derived from Varsity with a ‘hands on’ environmental practice.

We are focusing on children’s play through natural and environmentally friendly influences and resources; where Urban meets Rural bringing old play back into new. Who said you can’t have both!

We were never one for Adult led curriculums (as you already know) so this programme took quite some time in developing to ensure our emergent curriculum incorporated as much Child led opportunities and experience as possible without overwhelming our little ones.

We want to take this chance in reminding children of the wonderful surrounding that they have at their fingertips that they can actively investigate, embrace and learn in, whatever the weather. letting kids be kids and identifying for themselves their skills and abilities from their ideas and findings.

Areas in the forest that have been created from strong interests displayed by the children include The Forest Glade, The Mud Mess, The Tree House, Our Welcome Garden, The Dugga- Dugga, Ranger’s Workshop and much more! From this, these areas support:

Knowledge and Understanding Children develop an interest in the great outdoors and respect for the environment.  We provide opportunities for children to develop a relationship with the natural world and how this can be incorporated at home. This will help in  protecting the environment for generations to come. Whilst creating new perspectives of play and learning on an individual and group level.

Connections with nature is a beautiful thing and through a play  it helps children to grow in  confidence as a result of the freedom, time  and space they are given in their  learning. By allowing the organic flow of children’s ideas and interests with adult support empowers them to demonstrate  independence at each individual  child’s rate.

Communication and Information Retention
The sensory experiences provided by outdoor  connections helps prompt language development.  They’ll hear so many descriptive languages about what they are doing and what things are called and why; allowing their vocabulary to blossom with the experience of different environments. Not only does this improve communication skills but also has a positive  effect  on a  child’s self esteem – a crucial part of their development – and asking LOADS of questions!

Social Skills and Peer Support
Activities such as sharing tools and participating  in play help teach  the children to work together as a group, helping each other out willingly and encouraging them to teach others  which strengthens their bonds  and social interactions- especially when mud is involved 🙂

Investigation, Exploration and Discovery Allowing children to freely access natural resources  provides them with a sense of gratitude for what we have. It allows awareness and understanding that our planet provides us with all we need. Urban Forest brings their imagination to life and how they can use, change, problem solve and create from the resources that are natural and readily available. 

Participation and Concentration
High levels of interest lead to high levels of  attention. Providing unrestricted movement from indoor and outdoor is exciting for a child. The fascination of being able to embark all areas fascinates them which develops a strong will to participate and concentrate on longer play or projects, even when it’s time for home!

If you would like to know more about how to *enrol please feel free to contact us on: 02882257021 or via email:

*Spaces are limited!