Emergent Curriculum

Jun-275Sometimes it can be confusing trying to understand the process of an Emergent Curriculum when it comes to choosing a Day Care, especially when it is filled with lingo that you are unfamiliar to.

So here is a breakdown of why we believe in a child led curriculum so much and where our inspiration came from – without the gobbledygook.

Did you ever wonder about that one teacher that made a great impact on your life? Why you loved the subject they taught you and how easy it was to learn from them? Was it because you felt valued? Had an opportunity to be heard? If only everyone could have that experience, especially our children. As parents, we want to do everything we can to help our children be successful in school and in life. But it can be difficult to know exactly how to help them with so much conflicting information about how children learn.

Juniors implement an Emergent Curriculum inspired by both the Highscope Curriculum and Reggio Emilia. We believe that no one knows what kids like better than kids!

Highscope has been reseaJun-261rched for over 50 years developing innovative methods based on how children learn. This was not through adult led activities but through child led activities, discussions and adult support. A curriculum that allowed children to ask questions, share their thoughts, ideas, challenge their thinking and creativity in a safe supporting environment.

Now that can be done anywhere you may say, but here is the difference.

We recognise that child initiated active learning is paramount. We provide individual techniques based on how your child progresses best, not one single way. We build on children’s strengths, abilities and interests. We use observations from the children’s interests and participation that provide group activities to enhance and encourage children’s growth and development all through play. We assess their development, provide daily and yearly feedback on how we have observed, provided and will support ‘what’s next’ on children’s development plan. Each child learns differently at a different pace so we maintain small key groups of children per staff member to ensure each child receives such support.

Jun-194We believe parental involvement and partnership is vital through daily discussions, newsletters and  workshops. We demonstrate how child – led approaches to learning through play can be carried out at home by providing you with knowledge, support and opportunity to evolve play with your child and the involvement of fully trained Staff ensuring these benefits are recognised.

We keep you involved from the onset; we value your input and strive to maintain that commitment. We understand that families cope with many demands and stresses and we will do our best to help families through support, individual programmes and advice on children’s education, wellbeing, learning difficulties and development. With financial, medical, social, or legal issues can be provided through our Liaison Services to help families obtain the assistance they need. We’re in this together!