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We are Buzzing!

Our trial month has provided us with SO MANY observations and feedback – ITS AMAZING! Roll on 30th September!


Providing a greater sense of freedom: boosting a healthier personal development, increasing their learning, improvement of mood, and opportunities for self discovery.


Producing a play environment Like Urban Forest: children can participate in movements and sensory stimulation fulfils their exploratory needs.


Willingness to try: Risk takers are likely to become more resilient and therefore more able to cope with difficulties which may arise in their lives at a later age.


The benefit from the fresh air: develop a healthy body alongside a healthy mind, they are able to move around vigorously and be energetic.

Urban Forest Registration kits are all ready now for delivery! If you would like to your child to participate get in touch now!

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Let your curiosity run wild!


Now that we have confirmed our current kids in our Urban Forest Programme we can now take registration for the few remaining spaces we have left. 

This 2 – 3 year old programme operates on a week secured placement – your child does not need to attend every day it just means you can pick and choose more selectively on days or sessions required. 

If you need half days (8-2 Mon-Fri) it’ll be £120 per week 

If you need full days (8-6 Mon-Fri) it’ll be £180 per week. 

You can call us if you have a mixed schedule through the week and we can arrange which one suits your needs best. 

We are so excited to be offering this programme – seriously cannot contain ourselves- simply because it is the beginning of something so wonderful your child is going to love every minute! 

We will be accepting registrations over the next 2 week’s to begin the programme from 30th September. 

So get your wellies on and give us a call!!

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Calling all Puddle Parents!

Interesting term isn’t it?

Becoming a parent is a time for trying to figure out what is the best way to parent your child. Is it the way you were brought up? The way your friends and family tell you to? Or is there a book for the perfect parent that we all don’t know about? Either way, it is something we are all trying to figure out.

That is parenting – trial and error. We all need to understand that childhood is the same, we have to allow room for mistakes to happen in order to be able to learn from them and figure out solutions to problems.

A Puddle Parent is a parent that encourage their children to investigate their own thinking, promote creativity and innovation. They emphasise on the learning of Kindness and authenticity, experiences over academic scales and self satisfaction over the praise of others.

Their hope for their child’s future is based on happiness rather than success, regardless of what they end up doing as a career. That they are happy with what they have chosen in life. This doesn’t mean they just leave their child to their own devices, no, it means that they are there to support, advise and assist where they can but ultimately the choice is the child’s.

Like you, no one should be telling you what you should do unless it makes you happy, correct? You know what makes you stressed, you know what makes you unhappy or how others make you feel and vice versa. Only you can decide on whether you want it to continue or not. And I’m pretty sure the next time it happens you know what you should and shouldn’t do about it.

A Child is exactly the same. There are things in life that they will learn that promotes their daily living skills which is essentially supported by parents and everyone who cares for them. Helping them understand cause and effect to understand it fully and learn where they need to. But when it comes to their interests and passions only they can discover it and motivate themselves towards it because it is what they choose to do. All they need is the opportunity to try.

Children will gravitate towards interests that bring them happiness and that they are genuinely interested in. They will try on other things from the people around them to see if it fits them – some will stick some won’t, but at least they have a choice.

They will mess up, they will fail and they will forget things – and that’s ok, we are all human! It’s what they do about it that will build their stepping stones to learning and resilience, help them choose their own path that is not about competition but about life, empathy and the world in which we live in.

If you are a puddle parent and are looking for a 2 – 3yr old programme that might just be perfect for your tiny human contact us for us for a visit or to enrol in Juniors Urban Forest.

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** Toddlers Registration**

Hi Parents!

We have been inundated with registration for our Toddlers group! We don’t jam pack our rooms with kids – which I am sure you appreciate – We like to maintain small groups in our rooms to ensure that there is plenty of Adult: Child interaction which is why we have had to slow down our intake.

We are now currently taking in children who’s DOB falls between DEC 17 and MAR 18.

In February this year we will be looking towards the children’s whose DOB falls in between MAR 18 and JUN 18.

We apologise for any inconvenience but to ensure the capacity of our rooms and ratios are maintained to our high standard we cannot waiver on this.

We operate on a first come first served basis with our current customers at first refusal. As much as we would love to take in everyone, we can’t 🙁 We understand that can be difficult for Parents, we really do. However, to ensure our standards maintained we must put these registration lines in place.

We appreciate your support and co-operation.  

If you have any questions and would like to register your interest please download the Expression of Interest Form so we can keep you in the loop.

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