About Us

jillJuniors Day Care Ltd is located in the Western region, and is registered with the Sperrin Lakeland Trust. The day care facility is based on the Derry Road in Omagh, Co. Tyrone.

Having identified a gap in child care provision in the western Omagh area, the management team lead by Jill Dillon JMG Systems, developed the concept to look at providing something different than what was already on offer in the market, as well as ensuring quality childcare for the team’s own children.

In order to undertake this project it was necessary to understand that the design of the building and the atmosphere created would have a huge impact on child’s perspective of the setting. The team were aware that children who attend full day care require a change of scenery to maintain their interests, take part in an array of activities indoors and out. The time spent in a care setting must ensure a child is comfortable, happy, interacting well and does not feel that attending a setting is a chore. Therefore throughout the building the team created as many areas as possible to provide children with variety during the day. The Day Care has been designed to encourage Children’s development through the use of textures, bright colours and shapes to enhance their developments using their skills. Every child has individual needs that must be met to achieve a happy settled ambiance throughout our setting.

about1On September 6th 2008 the first Juniors Day Care was opened – a purpose built facility that has been developed to accommodate the needs of children, and to provide an interactive environment that enhances learning and development for all age groups. The design and development of the concept set out to provide something different, created by the children for the children. On July 17th 2014 Juniors opened their second building ‘The Hangout’. Allowing primary school aged children their desired play spaces and experiences throughout.

Juniors have the philosophy of providing parents with a high quality, value for money choice when it comes to childcare provision – a Day Care with a difference!