look out people….

Hold on to your hats; it’s going to be a wild one!

Sun, Sea, Sand; what a Summer it is going to be, because;

Schools out it’s time for the Hangout!

The kids have been so busy developing this year’s Camp Schedule Check it out below – but believe us there are loads still of their ideas yet to include we just couldn’t fit it all in!

There will be a number of surprise trips, visitors and events popping up through out the 9 weeks of Summer…

But don’t worry!

If you hadn’t booked that day we will give you plenty of notice when it is scheduled to happen, so get your forms in quick!

Remember: you dont have to book every day or all summer you can pick and mix sessions and days to suit your Summer Time needs.

For registration Packs click to contact us

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Presenting Private Day Care of the Year 2018!

Not 1… not 2… but 3 awards for Juniors at the Families First Ni Awards!

What a night! we were totally blown away by receiving such recognition about what we do here at Juniors.

In light of us launching Juniors Varsity and all we do to support children’s ‘Health and Wellbeing’ reaffirmed how highly people value what we are doing, this was outstanding thank you so much!

As for ‘Nursery Personality of the Year’ we knew that one member of our team shone through when being asked to nominate someone: Alana Jack. Alana is a Key Person in Jill’s absence who for the past 9 years truly reflects Juniors’ ethos and strives to ensure standards are maintained daily which made her a clear winner, Congratulations Alana!

Continuing on a high from these two outstanding awards we scored a hat trick and received ‘Private Day Care Overall Winner’ Award of 2018!

Child care and Learning is an inspiring vocation and even though it has it’s challenges; we won’t stop, we will continue to rise and strive to meet the wondrous outcomes of supporting children to become the fabulous individuals they want to be.

We adore our role in children’s lives and discovering we are valued by others through recognition and appreciation makes all of our efforts worthwhile.


Thank you to everyone who voted, we cannot express enough how much this means to us. x



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Juniors Varsity: What’s the problem?

It’s not, and we know a lot of people will agree. However…

some do think if mental or emotional health isn’t a problem (on the surface) in their home then it doesn’t apply to them to be concerned. ‘Don’t meet trouble half way’, and all that.

The reality is that mental health is as important as physical health- to everyone. Any implications to either will have a telling effect on your day to day.

This isn’t something that has just appeared – it has always been a concern, only now the global population has become more aware and are applying a vast amount of services to help people. These services are incredible as the workload involved in order to re route a default mode of emotional responses and coping strategies as you get older can be a profoundly long road. We know, we see it a lot.  Consider this…

Wouldn’t it be better if in the early years we equipped children with the tools enabling them to identify issues?


*The statistics about the increasing need to address children and young people’s mental health speak for themselves:
• Approximately 850,000 children and young people have a clinically significant mental health problem
• 1 in 10 children 5-16 years, or 3 in every classroom have a diagnosable mental health problem. This doubled between the 1980s and mid 2000s
• The Government’s measure of children’s wellbeing found that almost 1 in 4 showed some evidence of mental ill health (including anxiety and depression).
• 1 in 3 diagnosed mental health conditions in adulthood relate directly to adverse childhood experiences that have subsequently impacted on their psychological development and wellbeing.
• It is estimated that half of all mental health problems manifest before the age of 14 years, with 25% enduring mental health conditions being present by the age of 24 years. Yet less than half receive treatment at the time.
• There has been an average increase in referrals of 25% to targeted Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), with the range being between 20-70%.
• CAMHS are, on average, turning away nearly 25% of children referred to them for treatment .

• GPs are having to act outside of their knowledge and competence to support children’s mental health which is worrying as antidepressant use amongst children in UK is rising and recently it has been suggested that children have a doubled risk of aggression and suicide when taking one of the five most commonly prescribed antidepressants.

It’s scary isn’t it?

You see these teenagers were once little kids. These adults were once children too. Where were the methods to develop life long coping skills? Why is there a consistent emphasis in getting children up and out, speeding up school enrolments, pushed through a system, instead of focusing self discovery and emotional skills sets?

We have always focused on enabling children’s development of self regulation skills when it comes to emotional and mental health. We know there will always be trying times ahead for anyone: ‘feeling they are not good enough, peer/sibling comparison, homework, school work, exams, rewards, praise, getting a job, keeping a job, dealing with stress’ etc.

And we do our best to support them through this. This is why we designed Juniors Varsity. To emphasise the importance of children having a chance to build solid foundations in being able to identify solutions and overcome such challenges.

So we will ask again…why are academics considered more important than mental health?

Let’s Change the Future

*Statistics: young minds annual report 2016

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You’re looking at a ‘Best Private Day Care 2018’ Nominee!

What a privilege it is to be nominated this year again for Families First Ni Best Private Day Care 2018!

WOW!!!! we are totally blown away by the amazing comments people have made about us. Knowing that we try so hard everyday to accommodate children’s needs and development and to see how much we are appreciated makes any dark cloud disperse into that beautiful big blue sky. For this we thank you so much  🙂

to vote for Juniors just click here  and leave a comment.


From the entire Juniors Family…

We love you guys 😉


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