Varsity Playbook: How does this work?

It’s simple really..

Varsity is designed to ensure a consistent flow with no interruptions or transitions unless arranged by the children attending that is. (They have Venture Time scheduled everyday so this takes up our buses).

Why did we do this?

We needed to ensure:

  • Full staff focus and attention is solely dedicated to the attending children
  • Shifts remaining the same and key workers have consistent time with their key children
  • Pick up and drop off stresses and anxieties are reduced for staff and children
  • Activities, events and trips have longer running times
  • The Team get longer team planning and reflection daily for the next day
  • Continue to build stronger relationships with families.

What are the benefits for Children:

  • They are fully aware of their schedules
  • They create healthier habits: attention, focus, life styles
  • They are actively involved with planning their day instead of ‘the have to do’s’
  • It expands bonding time
  • Reduces anxieties, upsets, tantrums
  • Their abilities to plan and problem solve increases
  • The attention to detail in development and interests are not over looked
  • They will feel valued
  • They will develop self praise and confidence about who they are and what they expect of themselves.

Benefits to families:

  • Better home routine
  • Reduced mixing up of communication between different settings
  • Reduced costs – we can send this if you need to compare
  • Increased 1-1 meetings and designated times with the Varsity Team
  • Knowing that your child will be able to express themselves, confidently and with a greater understanding of what they are expressing develops a stronger bond.
  • Parents, children and the Team will learn and grow together.

Like all Curriculums it is imperative to attend regularly – (Yes even if you have enrolled your child in a non compulsory Preschool place you need to attend everyday or it will be taken from you) so we made it a little easier on the childcare purse strings.

Everything with our sessions is included: pull ups, meals, trips, events – the lot and we don’t charge for closures!   

The following sessions available for Juniors Varsity are:
8am – 2pm = £22.00 per day (for 5 sessions) (Parent’s pick up time is between 2pm – 2:30pm – this is free too)
8am – 6:30pm = £35.00 per day (for 5 sessions)

You can choose between full days and the Varsity sessions within the week – but to be in Varsity as we said to have full benefit of the Programme attendance is important.

Your child does not need to be potty trained to enrol- we will work with you.

If you feel your child still needs a comforter – we will work with you.

If your child has particular areas that require additional support – we will work with you.  

Are you in?

Let’s Change the Future..

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Presenting Private Day Care of the Year 2018!

Not 1… not 2… but 3 awards for Juniors at the Families First Ni Awards!

What a night! we were totally blown away by receiving such recognition about what we do here at Juniors.

In light of us launching Juniors Varsity and all we do to support children’s ‘Health and Wellbeing’ reaffirmed how highly people value what we are doing, this was outstanding thank you so much!

As for ‘Nursery Personality of the Year’ we knew that one member of our team shone through when being asked to nominate someone: Alana Jack. Alana is a Key Person in Jill’s absence who for the past 9 years truly reflects Juniors’ ethos and strives to ensure standards are maintained daily which made her a clear winner, Congratulations Alana!

Continuing on a high from these two outstanding awards we scored a hat trick and received ‘Private Day Care Overall Winner’ Award of 2018!

Child care and Learning is an inspiring vocation and even though it has it’s challenges; we won’t stop, we will continue to rise and strive to meet the wondrous outcomes of supporting children to become the fabulous individuals they want to be.

We adore our role in children’s lives and discovering we are valued by others through recognition and appreciation makes all of our efforts worthwhile.


Thank you to everyone who voted, we cannot express enough how much this means to us. x



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Here’s to 2018!

And suddenly you know it … it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings!

2017 has been a wondrous adventure for us!

January: We started our Health and Well Being Programme all in aid of our new Playground plans for the Hangout by:

  • launching our Sugar free Cookbook
  • Holding Parent workshops on Yoga and Mindfulness
  • Incorporating yoga into our daily routine
  • Establishing our ‘Create while you wait’ foyers
  • Providing daily healthy nutritious Scones and Lunch 2 Go for Parents and Staff
  • Distributing natural products for all the family

February: We were elated to start it off with great celebrations of winning two awards from Families First Ni and being nominated for a third in June from Ni 4 Kids!

July & August: Brought us a full house in the Hangout Summer Camp giving the kids  constant entertainment put forward by the kids committee.

September: seen the launch of our Daily Art and Music Sessions from our very own Atelieristas: Siobhan and Joann bringing the languages of Children alive through creative medias daily.

October: There’s only one Spooksville and yet again – WOW! just WOW!!!

December: When we embrace gratitude and kindness in every activity. We adored seeing the effort people gave in coming to our family night on such a cold winter’s evening but seeing the children light up with Santa and his gifts warmed all our hearts!

With trips, events and charity fundraisers all in between this year has been a fabulous one!

September 2018 marks the 10th Anniversary of Juniors and The Hangout and boy has it been fun! We look fondly on the past and are eternally grateful that we are reaching this milestone, even though it feels like only yesterday when we opened our doors in 2008.

Although we said good bye to some wonderful people who we’ve had the pleasure of working with they too have dreams to chase and adventures to add to their personal journeys. We wish them nothing but happiness and glad they were part of our memories.

With being able to offer new opportunities to aspiring new staff and through training and role modeling from those who have mastered so many crafts here; we have been able to make great changes, new roles, and further the development  and knowledge of our Team throughout this year.

When we tell people we work in childcare they don’t fully understand that it is not just a job, it is a vocation. To us it goes beyond providing an education or providing care for working families, it’s about building a foundation through stimulation, sensitivity, giving autonomy; to allow children to create, question and evolve their mind, ability and character into the person they want to be.  We are the support, we are not the leaders in their play we are here to scaffold their ideas, respect their initiative by acknowledging their amazing thought process and making it become a reality – we absolutely adore learning from them!

Each day provides us with more and more ways of enhancing children’s development for us to offer play opportunities of investigation, invention and experimenting encourages their love to learn and in turn teach us their much loved thinking.

Every year we enjoy reflecting on everything we have learned together and implement that knowledge into new and exciting Company plans – and we have some wonderful plans in place this year!

Working with children and their families is a great honour and we thank you for choosing us. This year we are committed in continuing to raise awareness of the advantages to our alternative curriculum, health & well being and child led practices.  Thank you for being an ambassador of our vision!

From our family to yours, we wish you a very happy and healthy New Year!

The Juniors Team


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